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Stryker SR-447HPC2 AM/FM 10 Meter Radio
Stryker SR-447HPC2
Stryker SR-447HPC2
Item#: SR447HPC2

Product Description
*LesComm Power Tune and Full Frequency Coverage Included.*


Slimmest 10 Meter Radio

Stryker Radios, brought this additional feature, keeping in view the requests of the recent customer. The MAJOR issue that provoked to its improvement was the decreased space for rising the radio inside any vehicle. SR-447HPC2 is a compressed but complete 10-meter amateur radio that can be adjusted easily into any space provided. So mounting it won’t be a problem. We ensure this little radio is as productive, efficient and reliable as the most seasoned players from Stryker. Better Sound

Transmission clarity has been improved with the ability to generate as high as 55 watts PEP as the output power. The new SR-447HPC2 10-meter amateur radio offers more radio in a smaller package than ANYONE else. If you love that big radio sound, you are going to love this new radio. For adding the edge to your communication, SR-447 HPC-2 also features internal treble and bass adjustment for the receiver that helps in noise reduction, specifically white noise. Full, Rich HiFi modulation add depth to your message enhancing your voice as well as keeping it loud.


Width: 6.2 Inch Height: 1.9 Inch Diameter: 9.7 Inch (including protruding parts on depth to include knobs on the front panel.)

Operating Guide

1. Band Selector: This switch allows you to switch bands, each band contains 40 channels, with each channel being on a different frequency.

2. Mon: The variable Mon control (talk back) is used to monitor your own voice.This can be used to compare different microphones. To increase the volume of the talk back rotate the control clockwise. To decrease rotate counterclockwise. To turn off the talkback rotate the control completely counterclockwise

3. Transmit Power or PWR – This variable control allows you to adjust your power output. Turn down when talking to nearby operators to avoid sounding distorted.

4. Mode: This switch controls what mode of operation the radio is in, option is AM, FM & PA.

5. Noise Blanker / ANL Switch: When this switch is in the NB position the noise Blanker circuits are activated. The Noise Blanker is very effective in eliminating repetitive pulse type noise usually associated with ignition systems. The NB+ position activates both the Noise Blanker and Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL) Circuitry.

6.Color: This switch controls the color of the front panel and display. To adjust the color move this switch to the left “COL” setting and then rotate the channel selector. Each click will select a color one option will be loop mode where the radio will automatically cycle through all of the colors.

7. Dimmer Switch: This switch controls the brightness of the front panel. To adjust the brightness move this switch to the left “DIM” setting and then rotate the channel selector clockwise for more light or counter-clockwise for less.

8. Channel Display: The channel display indicates the currently selected channel. When the SWR function is enabled, during TX, the display will show the current SWR such as 1.5.

9. Microphone Input: The Stryker SR447 accepts microphones with a female 4 pin connector. For maximum performance use the SR- 65BC noise canceling microphone. Please see our website for further details.

10. On/Off Volume Control: Turn clockwise to apply power to the unit and to set the desired listening level. During normal operation, the VOLUME control is used to adjust the output level obtained either at the transceiver speaker or the external speaker, if used.

11. Squelch: Squelch is used to cut off or eliminate receiver background noise in the absence of an incoming signal. For maximum receiver sensitivity, it is desired that the control is adjusted only to the point where the receiver background noise or ambient backgrounds noise is eliminated. Turn fully counterclockwise then slowly clockwise until the receiver noise disappears. Any signal to be received must now be slightly stronger than the average received noise.

12. Microphone Gain: Adjusts the microphone gain in the transmit and PA modes. This controls the gain to the extent that full talk power is available several inches away from the microphone.

13. RF Gain: This control is used to reduce the gain of the RF (receive) amplifier under strong signal conditions. For maximum receiver sensitivity, this control should be turned all the way to the right (clockwise).

14. Echo Volume: Varies the volume or number of echo repetitions. To increase the echo volume, rotate the control clockwise.

15. Echo Delay: The Echo switch turn the echo on. A big advantage to this is you can turn it off and then back on with the switch without the need to adjust your volume & delay potentiometer. To turn the echo off simply move the switch to the middle position.

16. Channel Selector: This control is used to select the desired transmit and receive channel. Please note the “LED” switch must be in the center position for this to function correctly.
Astatic Red Road Devil Microphone
Product Description
Even noisy conditions can't stop the talk power and clarity of this mic The Road Devil from Astatic features a high-gain amplifier with electronic equalization for maximum talk power and clarity, even in noisy conditions. The Road Devil is an extremely powerful microphone. Please use diligence when setting the gain control to avoid any unnecessary feedback.

Astatic Red Road Devil Microphone RoadDevil

TERMS: WE BUILD CUSTOM RADIOS! I BELIEVE IN QUALITY BEFORE QUANTITY! (And from the sales I'm receiving, so do you!)

SO IF YOU'RE IMPATIENT, DO NOT ORDER FROM ME!! Let me repeat that, IF YOU'RE IMPATIENT, DO NOT ORDER FROM ME!! I SIMPLY REFUSE TO RUSH MY BUILDS. Each radio goes through 24 hours minimum of burn-in testing when it's finished. IT WILL BE RIGHT WHEN IT LEAVES MY SHOP!

Our Build Policy; Average turn around time for "CUSTOM BUILT RADIOS" is running between 220 to 250 "business" days at present (as of Oct 2019). Customers are taking advantage of the MANY custom options we offer. Depending on the difficulty of your build OR THE BUILDS IN FRONT OF IT, this time could be longer! There are NO REFUNDS for custom radio or amplifier orders. NO EXCEPTIONS! NO EXCEPTIONS! SO BE SURE BEFORE YOU ORDER!

"Custom" in this case means that you have added an option that requires a substantial modification to the stock radio. Alignment, LesComm Enhancements and Tune ups do not constitute custom. But Max Mod, Clarifier mod, Amp Switch, Hi Cut Filter, etc. constitute Custom.

Every radio gets tuned/aligned unless you specifically say not to. So, no options radios are now 15 to 20 "business" days depending on the model (as of November 2019).

20% restocking fee on "as new, non-customized" radio returns. Radios are built AFTER they are ordered in the order of "payment" received.


This is how it works folks. When you place an order for one of our custom radios we immediately (that day) order the necessary parts needed to build that radio including the donor radio, and set them aside for your build. So we have already invested your money in your order. We do this to prevent coming up short of the parts needed because it was discontinued or changed. (Which happens a lot!) I know this is a long time folks. But I'm only one person. I will work as fast as I can, without compromising quality, to get your order out. So as it says above, if you are an impatient person, do not order from me.


Side note; We have stopped selling custom radios on ebay. Because of this I expect build times to become shorter. And our build times are slowly becoming shorter. We very much appreciate your business. And to all of my many, many repeat customers a very special thank you. Tells me I'm doing something right! 73 Everybody! Copyright © LestersCustomTruckShop All Rights Reserved. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________