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Repair-Mod Orders
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Product Description
Purchasing a Repair Order gives you an order number that you will use as your Repair number. Remember to always refer to this number when sending correspondence about your repair or Mod. If it looks like we will exceed your limit we will contact you first before proceeding. You must place a detailed note inside with the radio as to what you wish to have done. Be sure to write your repair order number on the note as well.

IMPORTANT: This does not place you in line for the repair. Your radio gets placed in line only after we receive your radio. When it is received, it is dated and placed in line to be repaired. When your repair/mod is completed you will receive an additional invoice for the difference if any. The price listed includes the Bench fee of $50 and $25 insured return shipping for mobile radios. Base radios will cost more to ship.

Note; One repair-mod order per radio! .

Additional Info; Les is the only one that works on radios no at Lester's. He has hired a few people to help out with radios in the past but was never satisfied with their work. (He is a perfectionist!) So now he is the only one working on radios. The way this works is you Purchase a Repair-Mod order; When you buy the order you receive an order number and the ship to address. You must write the order number on the outside of the package. When your package is received it is dated and placed in the line for repair or modification or both. Each radio will require it's own repair order. Les's expertise is in high demand! At present the wait time is 6 to 8 months.

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20% restocking fee on "as new" non-customized radio returns.

Radios are built AFTER they are ordered in the order of payment received. THERE ARE NO RETURNS ON CUSTOM RADIO ORDERS, NO EXCEPTIONS. This is how it works folks. When you place an order for one of our custom radios we immediately order the necessary parts needed to build that radio including the donor radio, and set them aside for your build. So we have already invested your money in your order. We do this to prevent coming up short of the parts needed because it was discontinued or changed.

Our Build Policy; Normal turn around time for "custom radios" "should be" 60 to 90 days. Depending on the difficulty of your build or the builds in front of it, this time could be longer. There are NO REFUNDS for custom radio orders.

No options radios are usually 5 to 10 business days depending on model.

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