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RF Limited Magnum 1 ......... Limited Supply
New Magnum 1
New Magnum 1
Item#: Magnum-1
This item is currently out of stock!

Product Description
24.890 ~ 24.990 and 28.000 ~ 29.700 MHz Coverage Continuous Coverage Receiver 24.500 ~ 29.999 All Mode - AM / FM / USB / LSB / CW / PA 50 Watts PEP Output Power  Dual ERF2030 MOSFET Finals  Variable RF Power Out Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO)  Rock Solid Frequency Stability  20 Times More Stable than XO Digital VFO - 5Hz Resolution Digital Echo Volume & Delay and Variable Talk Back Programmable Roger Beep - Tone & Duration EL Backlight Front Panel RX Audio Tone Control (Hi-Cut) 3-Button Stock Microphone - Up/Down/ASQ Large Digital S/RF/SWR Meter Real-Time SWR Meter - Continual Reading Multi-Mode Clarier - RX Only / TX Only / RX & TX Frequency Scan - Squelch & Time Operated Noise Blanker Automatic Squelch (ASQ) PA Mode with Volume Control +10 kHz Switch


Frequency Option 3 included.

Power Filter Capacitors upgraded.

See the video;
Our Build Policy; Average turn around time for "Custom Built Radios" is running about 120 to 180 days at present. Customers are taking advantage of the many custom options we offer. Depending on the difficulty of your build or the builds in front of it, this time could be longer. There are NO REFUNDS for custom radio orders. No options radios are usually 5 to 10 business days depending on model.

20% restocking fee on "as new" non-customized radio returns.

Radios are built AFTER they are ordered in the order of payment received. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS ON CUSTOM RADIO ORDERS, NO EXCEPTIONS. This is how it works folks. When you place an order for one of our custom radios we immediately order the necessary parts needed to build that radio including the donor radio, and set them aside for your build. So we have already invested your money in your order. We do this to prevent coming up short of the parts needed because it was discontinued or changed.

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