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The LC2547 Custom Base Radio!
LesComm LC2547
LesComm LC2547
Item#: LC2547
Regular price: $1,099.99
Sale price: $999.99
Display color:  Blackout Edition:  Add AMP: 

Product Description
Blue Frequency and Channel Display! (Standard - Red, Pure Green & Brite Red available)

Blue Flame LesComm exclusive decal from Gammaray Graphics! (Decal color will match display color unless Blackout version)

LC6404 installed. Continuous channel tuning. No skips.

Covers 26.695 to 28.605Mhz.

5 Memory Channels.

LesComm SquelchScan(TM).

CSF (Channel Selector Function switch). Change bands with the channel selector.

Amp control will replace the Power switch. Amp On indicator too.

Schottky Diodes replace 1N60 Germanium's in the receive circuits as well as the noise blanker circuit.

Ten turn clarifier with the LesComm Deluxe clarifier package!

Deluxe Echo!

Video link;

Because of the popularity of this radio, radio is built after ordered. This way you get the latest improvements in the radio.

Power options require an external 20amp power supply.

*An Amateur License is required to transmit in the Amateur bands. You are responsible for the legal operation of your radio equipment.

Top Gun Tech SP-1a Speech Processor
Product Description
The SP-1a Speech Processor was developed by Clear Channel Corporation for the Ranger AR-3300 and AR3500 radios. It works well in most radios in AM FM & SSB. It is an audio processor that delivers an average of 90% modulation. It boosts lower levels to within 90% of it’s maximum output with a very low distortion. It connects in-line of the audio Mic input of the microphone jack. It also requires a 12 Volt connection in the radio. A SPST switch can be used to switch the SP-1a in and out of the circuit. When switched off the speech processor is completely out of the circuit leaving the radio back to stock audio. Price includes installation.

Regular price: $110.00
Sale price: $99.00
Top Gun Tech SP-1a Speech Processor TGSP1a

Top Gun CP-1
Product Description
Now the same Top Gun Compressor CP-1 circuit used in the new Magnum radios are available for most other 10-meter and many CB radios. Full tone, clear, high swing audio (AM) modulation is achieved with the Top Gun Compressor. Works in AM, FM, and SSB keeping the modulation at peak performance in all these modes. Installation is included.

Regular price: $50.00
Sale price: $45.00
Top Gun CP-1 TG-CP-1

Palomar RFX-150
Product Description
150 Watt (200 Watt with ERF9530 upgrade) OEM Final Amplifier Section with High Performance Low Pass Filter. The RFX150 is an RF section for Magnum, and other, 10 Meter Amateur Transceivers. The RFX150 can be bought as a replacement part providing a low cost solution to increasing the RF Power of a 10 Meter Amateur Transceiver. The RFX150 does not work independently, but it is an integral part for an amateur transceiver and is available for repair and replacement purposes. The RFX150 uses a matched pair of ERF7530 75W RF Power MOSFET from Palomar Electronics. Unique Vertical Fin Design Maximizes Heat Dissipation. It’s physics 101, heat rises. So why would anyone design a heat sink with horizontal or downward pointing fins! In lower power applications this may be okay, but when dealing with hundreds of watts in a mobile environment you need every advantage possible. That is why the RFX150 features a radically unique design with vertical upward pointing cooling fins. The fins extend past the transceiver’s top cabinet to allow increased airflow to the heat sink. Latest Technology MOSFET’s in an Old School Circuit. The RFX150 uses a matched pair of ERF7530 high power MOSFET RF transistors running Class AB. The familiar push-pull design features time-tested components such as broadband transformers and dipped mica capacitors.

*ERF9530 upgrade includes installation and adjustment. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Regular price: $290.00
Sale price: $250.00
Palomar RFX-150 RFX-150
Fans - HIGHLY recommended:  ERF9530 MOSFET Upgrade: 

Product Description
Internal 4 MOSFET AMP. Produces a little over 100 watts peak. Replaces the internal speaker for a clean installation.

**Does not replace speaker in the 2547.

Regular price: $125.00
Sale price: $112.50

Dual Final upgrade for Galaxy/Ranger
Product Description
Adds a second IRF520 MOSFET Final with Heatsink and supporting components. FQP or ERF transistor options same as above but add 1 and replace 2 finals.

Regular price: $65.00
Sale price: $58.50

Astatic 302-AST878DM
Product Description
Astatic Amplified Ceramic Desk CB Microphone

· Model AST-878DM

· Standard Push-to-Talk and Lock-to-Talk Buttons

· High Quality Omni Directional Ceramic Cartridge

· 5 Conductor Shielded Standard Astatic Color Coded Cable

· 4-Pin Connector

· Rugged Cycolac Resin Housing

· Requires a Standard 9-Volt Battery (Not Included)

· For Industrial and Commercial Application

· One year warranty . . .

Regular price: $89.99
Sale price: $80.99
Astatic 302-AST878DM astatic-302-ast878dm

Palomar Max Mod
Product Description
Does the regulator in your radio run hot? Excessive heat from a transistor means the part is undersized for the circuit or that the circuit itself is not very efficient. Changing the radio’s modulation circuit is impossible. But the solution for this problem is the Palomar MAX-MOD Transistor. Palomar is a famous old CB brand name from the USA. The name is owned and used now by EKL Components, the mother company also for Magnum Radio’s and RF Limited Accesories. New in the Palomar program is the MAX-MOD, a special PNP transistor. The MAX-MOD is a replacement and upgrade PNP transistor for the modulation circuit in most radio’s. The MAX-MOD replaces the common 2SB and TIP parts. The MAX-MOD works very well in 10M radio’s, including Stryker, Anytone, Galaxy and President models. The MAX-MOD will give the RF section the current it needs and will increase the peak power by and average of 10% or more. The MAX-MOD has the same lead spacing as the smaller transistors it replaces, making soldering very easy. The MAX-MOD uses a huge TO-3PL package for improved heat dissipation.

FESATURES OF PALOMAR MAX-MOD TRANSISTOR: • High Current / High Power PNP Power Transistor (AM Regulator) • Replaces & Upgrades TIP32 & 36, 2SB688, 2SB754, 2SB817, 2SB827 and other AM Regulator Transistors in CB and Amateur Radios • Supplies Necessary Current Levels for Maximum Modulation • Most Radios See a 10% Increase in Peak Power Levels • Runs 40%* Cooler than Stock Regulators • Massive TO-3PL Package for Improved Heat Dissipation • Comes with Mica Insulator

Price includes installation in a new radio. ____________________________________________________________________________________

Regular price: $50.00
Sale price: $45.00
Palomar Max Mod PLMXMD

WE BUILD CUSTOM RADIOS! I BELIEVE IN QUALITY BEFORE QUANTITY! (And from the sales I'm receiving, so do you!) SO IF YOU'RE IMPATIENT, DO NOT ORDER FROM ME!! Let me repeat that, IF YOU'RE IMPATIENT, DO NOT ORDER FROM ME!! I SIMPLY REFUSE TO RUSH MY BUILDS. Each radio goes through 24 hours minimum of burn-in testing when it's finished. IT WILL BE RIGHT WHEN IT LEAVES MY SHOP! Our Build Policy; Average turn around time for "CUSTOM BUILT RADIOS" is running between 180 to 220 days at present (May 2018). Customers are taking advantage of the MANY custom options we offer. Depending on the difficulty of your build OR THE BUILDS IN FRONT OF IT, this time could be longer! There are NO REFUNDS for custom radio orders. NO EXCEPTIONS! NO EXCEPTIONS! SO BE SURE BEFORE YOU ORDER! Every radio gets tuned/aligned unless you specifically say not to. So, no options radios are usually 10 to 20 business days depending on the model. 20% restocking fee on "as new, non-customized" radio returns. Radios are built AFTER they are ordered in the order of "payment" received. AGAIN, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS ON CUSTOM RADIO ORDERS, NO EXCEPTIONS. So be sure BEFORE you order! This is how it works folks. When you place an order for one of our custom radios we immediately (that day) order the necessary parts needed to build that radio including the donor radio, and set them aside for your build. So we have already invested your money in your order. We do this to prevent coming up short of the parts needed because it was discontinued or changed. (Which happens a lot!) I know this is a long time folks. But I'm only one person. I will work as fast as I can, without compromising quality, to get your order out. So as it says above, if you are an impatient person, do not order from me. Side note; We have stopped selling on ebay. Because of this Lester expects build times to become shorter. And our build times are slowly becoming shorter. We very much appreciate your business. And to all of my many, many repeat customers a very special thank you. Tells me I'm doing something right! 73 Everybody! Copyright © LestersCustomTruckShop All Rights Reserved. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________