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RF Limited EC-2018-XTR 4 Pin Mobile Hand Mic
RF Limited EC-2018-XTR 4 Pin Mobile Hand Mic
RF Limited EC-2018-XTR 4 Pin Mobile Hand Mic
Item#: EC-2018
This item is currently out of stock!

Product Description
This CB microphone from RF Limited is the latest digital echo microphone for CB and other two-way radios. The XTREME 2018 takes CB radio to the next level with a host of features and wild effects, including echo, stadium effect, voice repeat and robotic voice.

Noise Reducer. Advanced noise reduction circuit decreases microphone sensitivity and reduces background noise, making sure they hear you and not your vehicle. Talk Back. Monitor your transmissions. Know exactly what you sound like over the air. 5 sound effects. Cyborg Voice: Sound half man, half machine. Stadium Sound: Have the booming voice of a stadium announcer. Endless Echo: Digital ranging from no echo to never ending echo. Double Talker: Repeats everything you say. Whammy Sound Effects: Adjust echo controls while transmitting to create wild effects. The echo controls are on the outside of the microphone, so you are always in complete control. High quality, soft neoprene 6 conductor microphone cord. Standard 4 pin mic plug is included.
20% restocking fee on "as new" non-customized radio returns.

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