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Palomar RFX-150 add on amp
Palomar RFX-150
Palomar RFX-150
Item#: RFX-150
Fans - HIGHLY recommended:  ERF9530 MOSFET Upgrade: 
This item is currently out of stock!

Product Description
150 Watt (200 Watt with ERF9530 upgrade) OEM Final Amplifier Section with High Performance Low Pass Filter. The RFX150 is an RF section for Magnum, and other, 10 Meter Amateur Transceivers. The RFX150 can be bought as a replacement part providing a low cost solution to increasing the RF Power of a 10 Meter Amateur Transceiver. The RFX150 does not work independently, but it is an integral part for an amateur transceiver and is available for repair and replacement purposes. The RFX150 uses a matched pair of ERF7530 75W RF Power MOSFET from Palomar Electronics. Unique Vertical Fin Design Maximizes Heat Dissipation. Itís physics 101, heat rises. So why would anyone design a heat sink with horizontal or downward pointing fins! In lower power applications this may be okay, but when dealing with hundreds of watts in a mobile environment you need every advantage possible. That is why the RFX150 features a radically unique design with vertical upward pointing cooling fins. The fins extend past the transceiverís top cabinet to allow increased airflow to the heat sink. Latest Technology MOSFETís in an Old School Circuit. The RFX150 uses a matched pair of ERF7530 high power MOSFET RF transistors running Class AB. The familiar push-pull design features time-tested components such as broadband transformers and dipped mica capacitors.

*ERF9530 upgrade includes installation and adjustment. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
WE BUILD CUSTOM RADIOS! I BELIEVE IN QUALITY BEFORE QUANTITY! (And from the sales I'm receiving, so do you!)

SO IF YOU'RE IMPATIENT, DO NOT ORDER FROM ME!! Let me repeat that, IF YOU'RE IMPATIENT, DO NOT ORDER FROM ME!! I SIMPLY REFUSE TO RUSH MY BUILDS. Each radio goes through 24 hours minimum of burn-in testing when it's finished. IT WILL BE RIGHT WHEN IT LEAVES MY SHOP!

Our Build Policy; Average turn around time for "CUSTOM BUILT RADIOS" is running between 180 to 240 days at present (as of Dec 2018). Customers are taking advantage of the MANY custom options we offer. Depending on the difficulty of your build OR THE BUILDS IN FRONT OF IT, this time could be longer! There are NO REFUNDS for custom radio orders. NO EXCEPTIONS! NO EXCEPTIONS! SO BE SURE BEFORE YOU ORDER!

"Custom" in this case means that you have added an option that requires a modification to the stock radio. Alignment and Tune ups do not constitute custom. But Max Mod, Clarifier mod, LesComm Enhancements, etc. constitute Custom.

Every radio gets tuned/aligned unless you specifically say not to. So, no options radios are now 20 to 30 business days depending on the model (as of Dec 2018).

20% restocking fee on "as new, non-customized" radio returns. Radios are built AFTER they are ordered in the order of "payment" received.


This is how it works folks. When you place an order for one of our custom radios we immediately (that day) order the necessary parts needed to build that radio including the donor radio, and set them aside for your build. So we have already invested your money in your order. We do this to prevent coming up short of the parts needed because it was discontinued or changed. (Which happens a lot!) I know this is a long time folks. But I'm only one person. I will work as fast as I can, without compromising quality, to get your order out. So as it says above, if you are an impatient person, do not order from me.

Side note; We have stopped selling custom radios on ebay. Because of this I expect build times to become shorter. And our build times are slowly becoming shorter. We very much appreciate your business. And to all of my many, many repeat customers a very special thank you. Tells me I'm doing something right! 73 Everybody! Copyright © LestersCustomTruckShop All Rights Reserved. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________