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THE NEW Magnum 1
The NEW Magnum 1
The NEW Magnum 1
Item#: Magnum1
LesComm Enhancements: 
This item is currently out of stock!

Product Description
The new Magnum 1 is better than ever!

Video; https://youtu.be/GNu45BjMvPs

*Optional LesComm Enhancements for this radio include upgrading the I.F. filter and adding the 2nd filter. Upgrade the Buffer/Filter capacitors.

You'll notice that the new power connector is a much better connector than the previous models. Pins are really strong and I don't see them being pushed in as before. Overall this radio is better than it's predecessor.

Description: The NEW MAGNUM 1 AM/FM/SSB/CW 12 and 10 meter amateur transceiver is designed to provide years of enjoyment and trouble-free service. There are many features and functions designed into this transceiver. The MAGNUM 1 is a microprocessor controlled, user programmable radio combining both high RF performance with a user-friendly environment. The MAGNUM 1 is built rugged to withstand years of use in harsh mobile environments. Although engineered with mobile use in mind the MAGNUM 1, with the addition of a high quality 20 amp regulated power supply, may be easily adapted to fixed station operation. Some of the features of the MAGNUM 1 are: an advanced design liquid crystal display that provides the operator with a full visual account of the transceiver's operating status, automatic frequency scanning from either the front panel or microphone, programmable frequency resolution of from 5 Hz through 1MHz, and coverage of both the 12 and 10 meter amateur bands. Magnum Int'l - Amateur Radios

Features and Specifications: - 10 & 12 Meter Mobile Amateur Radio - All Mode - AM/FM/USB/LSB/CW/PA - Transmit: 24.890 ~ 24.990 and 28.000 ~ 29.700 MHz - Receive: 24.500 ~ 29.999 (Continuous Coverage) - 50 Watts PEP Output Power - Dual MOSFET Finals - Variable RF Power Out - Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) - Rock Solid Frequency Stability - 20 Times More Stable than XO - Digital VFO - 5Hz Resolution - Digital Echo Volume & Delay and Variable Talk Back - Programmable Roger Beep - Tone & Duration - EL Backlight Front Panel - RX Audio Tone Control (Hi-Cut) - 3-Button Stock Microphone - Up/Down/ASQ - Wired 6-Pin Magnum - Large Digital S/RF/SWR Meter - Real-Time SWR Meter - Continual Reading - Multi-Mode Clarifier - RX Only/TX Only/RX & TX - Frequency Scan - Squelch & Time Operated - Noise Blanker - Automatic Squelch (ASQ) - PA Mode with Volume Control - +10 kHz Switch - Specifications: - General: - RF Limited Magnum 1 - Frequency Coverage: Transmit and Receive 24.890-24.990 & 28.000-29.699 MHz - Antenna Impedance: 50 ohm, unbalanced - Frequency Control: Digital Phase-Lock Loop (PLL) Synthesizer - Frequency Tolerance: 0.005% - Frequency Stability: 0.001% - Temperature Range: -30 to +50C - Power Requirement: 12 - 13.8 V DC, negative ground - Current Consumption: 9 amps maximum - Dimensions: 7.75 x 2.25 x 10.75 in (W x H x D) - Weight: 4.4 lbs. - Transmitter: - Power Output: - SSB: 50 Watts - FM/CW 20 Watts - AM 1-10 Watts Average/50 Watts PEP - Tuning Steps: 5 Hz/10 Hz/100 Hz/1 kHz/10 kHz/100 kHz/1 MHz - Final Transistor: IRF520N (1 driving 2) - Spurious Emissions: More than 50 dB below peak output power - Carrier Suppression: More than 55 dB below peak output power - Unwanted Sideband: More than 50 dB below peak output (1 kHz tone) - FM Deviation: +/- 2 kHz maximum - Audio Response: More than 30dB below peak output - Frequency Response: 300 to 3000 Hz - Microphone Impedance: ECM, 2.2K ohms - Receiver: - Circuit Type: Dual-Conversion Superheterodyne - Intermediate Frequencies: 1st IF/SSB IF - 10.695MHz; 2nd IF - 455kHz - Sensitivity: SSB - 0.25 u V at 10 dB S +N/N; AM - 1.0 uV at 10 dB S + N/N; FM - . 0.3 uV at 12 dB SINAD - Selectivity: SSB - 6.0 kHz (-6 db)/3.3 kHz (-60 dB); AM/FM - 6.0 kHz (-6 dB)/9 kHz (-60 dB) - Clarifier Range: Continous (Digital VFO) - Adjacent Channel Rejection: Better than 70 dB - IF Rejection: Better than 80 dB for all frequencies - Frequency Response: 250 to 3000 Hz - Audio Output Power: 3 watts minimum at 10% THD with an 8 ohm load - Audio Output Impedance: 8 ohms - Contents: - 10 & 12 Meter Magnum 1 Radio - Stock Microphone - Wired 6-Pin Magnum - DC Power Cord with Inline Fuse - Mounting Bracket with Hardware - Microphone Hanger with Hardware - Operating Manual with Schematic - Warranty Registration Form - UPC 0719962007001 - Color: Black - Manufacturer's Limited Warranty - 1 Year(s)

Top Gun Tech SP-1a Speech Processor
Product Description
The SP-1a Speech Processor was developed by Clear Channel Corporation for the Ranger AR-3300 and AR3500 radios. It works well in most radios in AM FM & SSB. It is an audio processor that delivers an average of 90% modulation. It boosts lower levels to within 90% of it’s maximum output with a very low distortion. It connects in-line of the audio Mic input of the microphone jack. It also requires a 12 Volt connection in the radio. A SPST switch can be used to switch the SP-1a in and out of the circuit. When switched off the speech processor is completely out of the circuit leaving the radio back to stock audio.

Price includes installation.


Top Gun Tech SP-1a Speech Processor TGSP1a

6 Pin to 4 Pin Radio Chasis Mic Connector Conversion
Product Description
6 Pin to 4 Pin Chassis Connector Conversion. Remove 6 pin chassis mic connector and install a standard 4 pin chassis connector in it's place on the radio. Or convert 4 pin chassis connector to a 6 pin chassis connector. (Can be used for options)

*Not applicable to radios with front panel PCBoard mounted mic connectors such as the Bearcat 980SSB.

6 Pin to 4 Pin Radio Chasis Mic Connector Conversion 6to4chassisMic

Final Transistor Upgrade
Product Description
This option includes the selected MOSFET's, their installation. Complete with Bias setting and alignment.

AT6666 uses 4.

SR955 = 4

DX98 = 11

DX99v2 = 3

DX86 = 3

Magnum 1 = 3

Lincoln II and II+ = 3


Final Transistor Upgrade FinlTrnstrUpgd
Transistor:  Number: 

Mic Pigtail Adapter Cable
Product Description
Overall length is measured end to end of complete assembly.

6 pin mic or RJ-45 8 Pin Mic Plug to Standard 4 pin Mic.

Converts to Yaesu/Cobra, Stryker SR-955HPC 4 Pin Round Inline Mic Jack


Anytone AT-5555N, Anytone Apollo II, Stryker SR-94HPC, RJ-45 8 Pin Mic Plug or AT-6666 6 pin, Magnum-1.

This adapter converts Push To Talk, Microphone Audio & Ground and ground only.

*Color may vary* ** This adapter DOES NOT SUPPLY VOLTAGE **

Mic Pigtail Adapter Cable 4Pto6P8E
Radio Model:  Overall Length:  Pins: 

Mic Adapter
Product Description
Solid adapter that lets you use a standard 4 pin microphone on one of the new 6 pin or 5 pin radios.

Mic Adapter micadapter
Configuration:  Radio model: 

TERMS: WE BUILD CUSTOM RADIOS! I BELIEVE IN QUALITY BEFORE QUANTITY! (And from the sales I'm receiving, so do you!)

SO IF YOU'RE IMPATIENT, DO NOT ORDER FROM ME!! Let me repeat that, IF YOU'RE IMPATIENT, DO NOT ORDER FROM ME!! I SIMPLY REFUSE TO RUSH MY BUILDS. Each radio goes through 24 hours minimum of burn-in testing when it's finished. IT WILL BE RIGHT WHEN IT LEAVES MY SHOP!

Our Build Policy; Average turn around time for "CUSTOM BUILT RADIOS" is running between 220 to 250 "business" days at present (as of Oct 2019). Customers are taking advantage of the MANY custom options we offer. Depending on the difficulty of your build OR THE BUILDS IN FRONT OF IT, this time could be longer! There are NO REFUNDS for custom radio or amplifier orders. NO EXCEPTIONS! NO EXCEPTIONS! SO BE SURE BEFORE YOU ORDER!

"Custom" in this case means that you have added an option that requires a substantial modification to the stock radio. Alignment, LesComm Enhancements and Tune ups do not constitute custom. But Max Mod, Clarifier mod, Amp Switch, Hi Cut Filter, etc. constitute Custom.

Every radio gets tuned/aligned unless you specifically say not to. So, no options radios are now 15 to 20 "business" days depending on the model (as of November 2019).

20% restocking fee on "as new, non-customized" radio returns. Radios are built AFTER they are ordered in the order of "payment" received.


This is how it works folks. When you place an order for one of our custom radios we immediately (that day) order the necessary parts needed to build that radio including the donor radio, and set them aside for your build. So we have already invested your money in your order. We do this to prevent coming up short of the parts needed because it was discontinued or changed. (Which happens a lot!) I know this is a long time folks. But I'm only one person. I will work as fast as I can, without compromising quality, to get your order out. So as it says above, if you are an impatient person, do not order from me.


Side note; We have stopped selling custom radios on ebay. Because of this I expect build times to become shorter. And our build times are slowly becoming shorter. We very much appreciate your business. And to all of my many, many repeat customers a very special thank you. Tells me I'm doing something right! 73 Everybody! Copyright © LestersCustomTruckShop All Rights Reserved. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________