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LC5304 Expansion Board
LC5304 Expansion Board
LC5304 Expansion Board
Item#: lc5304-expansion-b5304
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Product Description
No "encoder" required. I wrote code in the software that allows the use of the Channel Selector switch to go up or down. It even deals with the out-of-sequence steps around channel 23. This means you won't need to rebuild the channel selector area of your radio to have a 3 digit display! As promised - easy installation. Galaxy 9X9's are still Plug & Play. ** Uniden made radios such as Cobra and others will still need the adapters so soldering is required on these. Continuous channel tuning. No skips. Buyers choice. Uniden made radios; Lo-26.065 to 27.975 or Hi-26.815 to 28.725. Uniden/Cobra Ranger made radios; Lo-26.065 to 27.975 or Hi-26.695 to 28.605. Ranger/Galaxy You can choose to use either band. The display will track the frequencies/channels correctly. Both the 11.1125 and 11.3258 in Cobra's. Or swap the crystal for 26.065 to 27.975. SquelchScanTM. Scan Up or Down. Scan stops when a signal is received. Hi Range; Channel 1 Reference; -15 / c19 / 172 (26.815 to 28.725)Uniden/Cobra Channel 1 Reference; -27 / c19 / 160 (26.695 to 28.605)Ranger/Galaxy OR Lo Range; Channel 1 Reference; -90 / c19 / 97 (26.065 to 27.975) "-" indicates all channels below 1 "u" indicates all channels above 40 "c" e.g. c19, indicates cb channels. A's are 03A, 07A, etc.) Channel Selector Function (CSF) switch. Changes the channel selector to your band switch. Jumps 45 channels Up or down with each click. The displays will be available in either Blue-35mcd, Red-30mcd or Green-25mcd. *New Pure Green-35mcd. Price includes internal Piggy-back PCBoard kit (to replace internal channel display) See above. ** Internal display will require soldering. This kit is assembled after your order is received. Please allow for assembly time. WARNING! This unit is Not Legal For Class D CB Use In The U.S.A. *An Amateur License is required to transmit in the Amateur bands. You are responsible for the legal operation of your radio equipment.
Installation Service
Product Description
Includes installation of the LesComm board (All models) into your mobile radio. Plus adjustment to cover all bands and a tune up. Assumes radio has not been previously modified for extra channels. Does not include removing other mods. Return shipping extra. Base radio's are extra.

Installation Service: 

20% restocking fee on "as new" non-customized radio returns.

Radios are built AFTER they are ordered in the order of payment received. THERE ARE NO RETURNS ON CUSTOM RADIO ORDERS, NO EXCEPTIONS. This is how it works folks. When you place an order for one of our custom radios we immediately order the necessary parts needed to build that radio including the donor radio, and set them aside for your build. So we have already invested your money in your order. We do this to prevent coming up short of the parts needed because it was discontinued or changed.

Our Build Policy; Normal turn around time for "custom radios" "should be" 60 to 90 days. Depending on the difficulty of your build or the builds in front of it, this time could be longer. There are NO REFUNDS for custom radio orders.

No options radios are usually 5 to 10 business days depending on model.

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